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Hardwick Financial Solutions Ltd are the UK’s leading mis-sold mortgage experts.
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Has your mortgage been mis-sold?

Welcome to Hardwick Mis-sold Mortgages, your first port of call if you feel you’re entitled to compensation having been mis-sold a mortgage or mortgage protection insurance.

With years of experience in financial solutions, we’re perfectly positioned to analyse your situation and provide the best, impartial advice. We offer a free, no obligation consultation and will talk you through everything in detail – avoiding unnecessary jargon – helping you understand your right to claim.

You’re certainly not alone; thousands across the UK are now looking into mortgage mis-selling compensation having been let down by negligent brokers or lenders. Many have been burdened with an inappropriate or unaffordable mortgage due to, at best – poor advice and at worst, pure greed and contempt shown towards a customer.

Across the UK thousands have been granted a mortgage with unrealistic repayment terms – if this is you, contact us today.

Who mis-sold mortgages and why?

Brokers and lenders were flying high before the Credit Crunch in 2007, reveling in an era of low interest rates and easy credit which helped entice customers into new mortgage products. After the recession hit, the bubble burst and as is usually the case, the consumer felt the ripple more than most.

The question that you need to ask yourself is this: ‘Was I treated fairly by my mortgage adviser?”

If the answer to that isn’t a resounding ‘yes’, contact us today.

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